MPH Statement of Purpose Example

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An MPH statement of purpose example gives you ideas about how to write a great essay. Since there are many examples online like management SoP sample, you will get ideas and insights on ways to come up with a good statement. The MPH SoP must answer prompts given by the program, and it should be written with originality, preciseness and accuracy about what is asked. Your answers to the essay prompts must address the questions concisely.

General Info about What the Statement of Purpose Must Include

The statement of purpose for MPH is an integral part of the admission process. Most schools require applicants to submit the SoP with the completed admission form. It should be explained in a clear and crisp manner - why you choose the course and what plans you have upon completing it.

Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose for MPH

  • Make a draft: You need to write a draft without considering the word count because you will edit it later. If the length of your essay exceeded, you can cut down unnecessary details to meet the page limit.
  • Take your time: You should not rush in writing the best MPH statement of purpose. A great SoP cannot be written in hours or even a couple of days. It can take up to one month before you can complete your final version. It is better if you take a break upon completing the draft, then you can go back to it with fresh eyes and mind to think carefully later.
  • Find the perfect expressions and words to use: Aside from an MPH statement of purpose sample, there are other things you need to consider like finding the perfect expressions and words. The fact is that your SoP sounds more elegant and professional if you use “accomplish” than “do”. As much as possible, you need to avoid using fancy words as well because they make your statement of purpose difficult to read and less appealing.
  • Concentrate on your strengths: By the time that you have checked for a sample statement of purpose for MPH program, you would have gained ideas on how others write their essay. You can notice that you need to concentrate on your strengths. With that, you need to write about your knowledge, future plans and experiences. Avoid cliché because it does not add any value, and it is not much appreciated by the admission committee. 
  • Perfect opening sentence: You can use a statement of purpose outline template if you want to start writing using an inspiration from it. If you decided to use it, only do so for inspiration. In the end, you still have to decide on your opening sentence that should be perfect and attention grabbing. You may need to work on this part for hours so that you could create a compelling and well thought of one.
  • Write with your own ideas, voice and style: Whether you are applying for a public health admission or public health administration program, you need to come up with your own ideas, voice and style in writing your SoP. Take note that you are unique on your own, and you can always think of great details to write in your essay to make it appealing.
  • Be honest: Whether you are applying for an MPH or a healthcare education program, you need to be honest in writing your SoP. You should not make a false image of yourself. The admissions committee won't accept fallacies, which they can detect in writing having had read thousands of applications.
  • Proofread: You can always get help from others like your parents, friends and teachers. The more people to read your work the more feedback you get. After their suggestions, you can make revisions and finalize your statement of purpose.
  • Read it aloud: Doing so, you can easily spot mistakes including awkward words and sentences that sound bad. You will know if there are vague parts and if your paragraphs flow smoothly. 
  • Stop reading it: By the time you already submitted your application, stop reading it because there are instances that you might feel it is not good as you thought it was. Just refrain from reading your essay again. Keep calm and wait for the results.

How Long Should MPH Statement of Purpose Be?

If you are asking how long an MPH statement of purpose is, then it should be around 500 words or 4,000 characters. Depending on the schools, some have specific page limits.

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Requirements for Statement of Purpose

Applicants need to answer all the prompts given by the school. They need to address the issues magnificently. Also, they need to format their essay in a way that it is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. They must also follow set rules. Many applicants are applying for MPH program, so make sure to do your best in writing if you want to stand out. You need to present yourself in the best possible light as much as possible and write in a concise manner.

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