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If you need to write a SoP, then checking out the statement of purpose sample PhD will help you. You will get ideas about the structure, how other applicants started their essays and ways they ended such. You might also want to check the law school statement of purpose example from other sources for more ideas. The SoP for PhD must be professional, and it is where you need to write about some of your experience, dreams and training that set you apart from others. 

What Statement of Purpose Must Have

The SoP for PhD is different compared to the other statement of purpose. While others ask applicants to focus on their past academic experience, a PhD degree is a part you need to demonstrate your unique and personal aspects of your character.

Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose for PhD

Here are some tips in writing a statement of purpose for PhDs that will surely help you to get started.

  • Be specific: You will need to write one basic statement of purpose, but make sure you tweak it for every PhD program to which you are applying.
  • Good writing: Wise PhD students use direct and clear prose. It is important to eliminate extraneous words as well as ensure that all your points are clear. You should not let the admission committee struggle reading what you have written. 
  • Get a feedback: The more time you spent writing your statement of purpose the less likely you are to spot mistakes on it. You can ask feedback from your friends, professors, parents or anyone who can give a fair judgment about your writing skills. This will help you to ensure that your SoP is concise, structurally sound, candid and clear. If you want, you can check for a statement of purpose PhD sample for more feedback and ideas. 
  • Find your unique angle: What makes you unique? Who you really are? In some instances, candidates answer this in a superficial way. Keep in mind that it is not enough to tell your readers that you are an Asian from California. You need to provide them with a deeper sense about yourself. Use the statement of purpose to explain about your upbringing, education, professional and personal experiences that have influenced you. Avoid using platitudes or clichés. The more specific and personal the SoP is the better.

Statement of Purpose Writing Tips: Dos

  • Write a brief story with 1 or 2 points. 
  • Tell a story that changed you or shifted your perspective.
  • Write about activities showing your best qualities. You can review your student organization, classroom, personal life, and work and doctorate thesis.
  • The conclusion must be self-evident.
  • Follow all the instructions and answer all prompts.
  • Write numerous drafts. Your SoP needs to be an A+ paper.
  • Do not use quotations. It is better to use your own words.
  • Keep the focus on yourself, not about a remarkable client, ill relative or workings of organizations where you worked. 
  • Search for a sample of statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose Length

There are schools that require applicants to write a one-page statement of purpose for their PhD application. With that, you need to adhere and come up with a unique statement. You will never impress the admission committee with a long statement, and it just shows the inability to follow instructions. If there is not a page limit or word count stated, write a SoP for PhD proposal that is about two pages long using double-spaced.

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Requirements for the Statement of Purpose

It is important to use the font size and font type required by the program. You will know about it when you check the program site. It is also important to understand all the instructions to avoid mistakes and to make sure you incorporate all the things needed in your statement of purpose.

You can start writing your statement of purpose if you know what you will write and if you already checked out PhD statement of purpose example. It is better to start writing ahead of time for you to have enough time revising, editing and proofreading your essay. Finally, always believe in yourself that you can write a personal and unique SoP showing your best skills and experience. Start writing your essay with sample SoP PhD.

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