Sample of Statement of Purpose for Masters in Finance

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The statement of purpose is an admissions paper that assesses your writing and thinking skills. It shows how you express your ideas using precise and simple language, all with a logical flow. If you want an effective SoP, you can check out a sample statement of purpose for masters in finance.

You can also read the biological science statement of purpose sample to get a hint of how to write these essays. The SoP is your chance to stand out, so you need to tell a great real life event or experience to convince the admission committee.

General Information on What the Statement of Purpose Should Include

You need to keep your statement of purpose finance master to around one page. You must also write it in an essay format, with an introduction, body and the conclusion. Regarding formatting, it is not set in stone. Schools have their requirements. But for the purpose of the essay, it is almost the same - to assess your fitness for the program. You may also want to check a sample of statement of purpose for more information.

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Tips for Writing the MBA Finance Statement of Purpose

Aside from reading a sample SoP for MBA in finance, there are other things you need to consider.

  • Things to keep in mind: Take note that the admission committee cares about one thing and that is you should write about your intellectual side. You also have to make your statement stand out by showing and not telling. You should not tell how committed or dedicated you are, but you need to describe it with accomplishments, data.
  • Introduction: When you read a sample SoP for finance, you would know how to begin great essays. If you write your introduction, you need to write it with two sentences or so. You need to let your personality shine in this section.
  • Research project: In your statement of purpose for banking and finance, you need to show to the admission committee how you think through a certain research project.

Don't forget that your MBA finance statement of purpose should address certain questions such as:

  • What classes have you taken in preparing yourself for the program?
  • What mentors or classes were influential to have shaped your academic pursuit?
  • What fieldwork, research experience or tutorials have you done?
  • What methods and insights you gained?


  • Brainstorm.
  • Write about your interests or things that excite you in your SoP, include the main argument
  • Avoid clichés.
  • Check for a sample statement of purpose on the web.
  • End your finance education SoP with a conclusion referring back to your opening statement.
  • For a bank job application, you need to revise your SoP several times before submitting
  • Watch grammar and spelling errors.
  • Write clearly.


  • Include irrelevant details
  • Write in itinerary, resume or autobiography form
  • Try to impress with big words
  • Rely on computer check
  • Use tired expressions
  • Give false information

More tips

  • Concentrate on your opening paragraph.
  • Set yourself apart by writing a personalized SoP.
  • Maintain an upbeat and positive tone.
  • Show enthusiasm and confidence
  • Use transitions between your paragraphs.
  • Use different synonyms.
  • Avoid qualifiers.
  • Use the active voice.

Statement of Purpose Finance Master Length

You need to sell yourself in fewer than 4,000 characters. Within that character count limit, you should be wise with words. Show what you have and what your best assets are. You need to write a 4,000-character essay if there is no specified page or word limit by the program.

Requirements for the Statement of Purpose

  • One-inch margin on all sides
  • Double-spaced
  • 10 to 12 font size
  • Less than one page or up to two pages

There you have the things to keep in mind in writing your statement of purpose. Take note that before having magnificent accounting careers, you need to complete your study first, and that begins with a successful application. With that, you need to do well in writing your SoP and completing other requirements to become a part of the accounting program and have an excellent career in the future.

Get help from this sample of statement of purpose for masters in finance today!