Sample Statement of Purpose Computer Science

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The statement of purpose is an essential component of your application. If you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd, check out a sample statement of purpose computer science or MPH statement of purpose example to have better knowledge on how others write their essay. The SoP computer science should be about who you are and what you do and can do. It should be personal that tells a unique story about you.

General Information on What the Statement of Purpose Should Include

The statement of purpose for PhD in computer science should outline your academic achievements, personal characteristics and professional background.  In highly competitive programs, your statement of purpose for masters in computer science essay, let’s say, is weighed carefully by the admission committee to choose the best applicants that fit their culture, diversity, qualities and goals.

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Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose for PhD in Computer Science

  • Know the rules: Aside from checking out a sample SoP for MS in computer science, you also need to know about the rules of the admissions. The program gives questions that you need to answer. The overall format and word limit must closely adhere to all the directions they have given like page or word limit. You need to follow the guidelines properly if you want the statement to be read.
  • Know yourself: If you check out a statement of purpose computer science examples, you will know how other applicants present themselves in the essays. With that, you need to ask yourself why you want to become a part of the program, what entices you to apply to the program and how you reached this decision. You need to write about your intentions as well.
  • Know the program: Before you start knowing the program, you can also begin searching for a sample statement of purpose computer science because they can give you ideas on how to tailor the application for your desired school. After this, you need to brainstorm, and then make a research about the program so that you will know what kind of applicant they are looking for to become a part of their community.
  • Tell a story: In your statement of purpose for MS in computer science, you need to tell a good story. You can write about what makes you a good candidate and why computer science matters to you. You can write about your contributions and commitment to computer science.


  • Write an event of your life where you learned many things about the field.
  • Include short and long-term goals.
  • Search for SoP examples online.
  • In applying to different computer science online programs, you need to write about your life experience or your goals or career motivation. Plus, you must tailor each statement per school.
  • To become a part of the best computer science education, write major achievements you had in the field.
  • Use formal language in supporting all your points and arguments.
  • Revise and proofread your work to make sure it flows naturally and without errors.


  • Write a cliché introduction and conclusion.
  • Write about monetary benefits
  • Write in a manner that looks like you are asking for pity and sympathy
  • Re-write your CV or resume
  • Talk about your weaknesses without later explaining how you improve yourself to turn those into strengths
  • Leave any spelling or grammatical mistakes
  • Discuss controversial research findings or topics

Statement of Purpose Length

In writing the statement of purpose, the length matters most of the time, so you need to keep your essay from one to two pages. 

Requirements of Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science

Aside from the essay length, you need to follow the formatting requirements in writing the statement of purpose. You need to use 10 to 12 font size. Also, do not forget to double-space your statement. Additionally, you need to submit original content or else you will lose the chance to be accepted because many schools use plagiarism software.

The program wants to get into your thoughts and know you more than your excellent grades. Writing an original statement, you can let them inside your mind and know you better. Many candidates are asking themselves “why computer science?” They believe that they possess the skills and the ability to become a great technician. With the program, they can learn more, and so applicants must address this when writing the SoP. If you are ready, then you must start completing the required documents to submit them on time.

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