Sample Statement of Purpose for Accounting and Finance

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The sample statement of purpose for accounting and finance is a good start to be aware of the dos and don'ts in writing. You will know what you need to write in your SoP and what you should avoid adding. You can also check an MBA statement of purpose sample to get more ideas. The SoP for accounting and finance should be eye appealing and catchy. It should show what the admission committee wants to know about you.

General Info about What the Accounting Statement of Purpose Should Have

The accounting PhD statement of purpose is a focused and extensive essay that should talk about your future plans and career goals. You need to write about your interests in order to capture the interest of the economic university. You need to make sure that you answer all the prompts but meet the page or word limit.

Tips on Writing the Statement of Purpose for Professional Accounting

The statement of purpose is your chance to market yourself, so you need to address who you are, what distinguishes you from other applicants and how you can be an asset to the program. Here are tips on writing the SoP.

  • First paragraph: You need to write a quick personal background, explanation on what you are looking for in the accounting and what is great about the program. You need to write why the school appeals to you, given your background and personality.
  • Second paragraph: You need to write about your experience and educational background. You need to tell what career you want to achieve and why accounting. Also, writing about international experience and languages is a good option. 
  • Third paragraph: You can write about your personal achievements about bank accounting education. In here, you need to make it relevant at the same time giving a hint on your attributes on what can you give back to the school if you are accepted. You can also write about tracks or clubs that you like to become a part of.
  • Fourth paragraph: You need to tie all that you have written and end it with a sharp and short summary of why the program is wonderful and it is the perfect choice for you for a great career. 

Aside from these things, the statement of purpose graduate school example is a good assistance. The statement of purpose template is also a great option to help you get started.

Statement of Purpose Grad School Accounting Length

Numerous colleges do not specify the word limit for the statement of purpose, and they leave it to the candidate’s discretion. With that said, others end up writing too much detail that bore the readers, while others are impatient or lazy writing only a few general statements just for the sake of submitting a paper. If you want to become a part of the program, you need to write at least one to two pages in the SoP length.

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Requirements for the Statement of Purpose

Aside from meeting the page limit and the following guidelines in writing the statement of purpose, you also need to answer the prompts required by the school such as,

  • What is your background?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Why finances? Why do you feel the need to go for higher education?
  • Why do you think the school is the best place in achieving your dreams?

Finally, you need to keep in mind that the economic university admission committee reads many SoPs, so you need to make a unique one stand out in the application. You need to share a quick summary of what you’ve got that makes you a great candidate. If you want to know how other applicants write their essay, you can check for a sample statement of purpose for masters of professional accounting.

Use our tips & sample statement of purpose for accounting and finance today!