Top-Notch Biological Science Statement of Purpose Samples

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It is not a bad idea to search for biological science statement of purpose sample. In fact, it can give you the opportunity to read different essays from websites offering them. If you want to read another kind of essays from a different field, you may also try reading a sample statement of purpose computer science

Regardless, the statement of purpose for PhD molecular biology, for instance, is important for the admission program because it provides them with a snapshot of the kind of person that you are.

General Information on What the Statement of Purpose Should Include

The main idea of the SoP is to give the admission committee about what they could expect from the applicants. They need this essay apart from the letters of recommendation, GPA and scores. Your SoP should tell a story such as your experience, passion, motivation, accomplishments and achievements. 

Tips for Writing a Statement of Purpose for PhD Molecular Biology

  • Strong opening: In your statement of purpose biology, you need a strong opening sentence to serve as the hook of the essay. Avoid the temptation of starting with the history that describes when you got your first biology job, let's say.
  • How engaged you are on the subject: In the statement of purpose for PhD molecular biology, you need to talk about what motivates and inspires you to study the subject whether it is news articles or books that you have read. You can write about and be able to explain them.
  • Understanding what is involved: The admission committee loves to read an essay that shows your enthusiasm for the subject with a clear sense that you completely understand what biology as a discipline is all about. You should not just tell what it is, but you need to show what you know. For ideas on how others write their essays, you may want to check a statement of purpose example biology.
  • Personal goals: If you are able to read the best SoP sample for molecular biology grad school, you will know how other candidates write about their personal goals. In writing your personal goals, you need to tell what you expect to achieve by studying the subject.
  • Team player: One of the tips on how to write a good statement of purpose biology is to show that you are a team player. You need to write how you work with other people. If you organized something before like sports, play or event, show how you did it.
  • Not standing out: Many students applying for biomedical studies fail at satisfying the selectors because they write a mediocre SoP that does not stand out. To avoid this, you need to make a concrete, specific and personal essay that conveys your personality and you as a person.
  • Using clichés: In writing the biology masters SoP, you need to avoid phrases like “Biology is essential in the modern world...." without explaining it.
  • Quoting Wikipedia: The admission committee already knows what biology is, so you no longer need to include its Wikipedia definition. What they are interested to know is your understanding of what biology is and why you desire to study it. 

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Statement of Purpose Length

When you check a SoP sample, there are 500 to 800 words essays. If the program does not set a specific page or word limit, it is important to limit your essay to one page only. Avoid writing too much detail because it will only bore the readers.

Requirements for the Statement of Purpose Biology

There are prompts to answer in your SoP, which include why you want to study biology science in the school, how much experience you have in the field and what skills you intend to gain from the degree. These are only some of the prompts that should be answered. It is still important to check the website of the program to know the exact prompts and formatting requirements. 

If you already know what to do, you can start writing your statement of purpose. Take notes on what you will write and include in your essay, create an outline and start writing as soon as possible. 

Learn from our biological science statement of purpose sample and tips today!