Top-Notch Law School Statement of Purpose Example

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If you are applying at Law school, you need to write a statement of purpose law that convinces the committee that you will excel in their program. The SoP should meet the word count limit, must be personal and original. You can check out law school statement of purpose example to get ideas or check other SoP like a sample statement of purpose for economics masters

General Information on What a Statement of Purpose Must Have

Your statement of purpose law school should include an interesting beginning. You need to hook your readers for them continue reading your SoP. Make sure that your readers should crave to read the next paragraph, and you can only do it if you begin with an event, story or write that you are passionately interested in the field for which you are applying.

Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose

What to include

  • Why are you applying for the program: You need to show what interests you about the legal profession, and do not just tell. Be sure to tell why you chose the program.
  • What interests you have about the program?
  • What motivates you?

Achievements can be awards whether they are volunteering or academic awards. It can be anything that has significance to you. Your skills can be practical skills like IT, languages or others, but it can also be transferable skills that you gained from your extracurricular activities, work experience or studies.

  • Future career: If you know what areas of law you aim to practice, then you will know what will be your future career. Write how you will achieve it. 
  • Hobbies: Some applicants will not include it and some will. Even though it is not important to include it, it is worth doing it, especially if that can give a clearer picture of who you are as an individual and can make your application stand out.
  • Work experience: It can be a first-hand experience of the legal profession, such as vacation placements, work experience and others. You can also include non-law work experience as long it demonstrates your best skills. To know about the experience to include, check SoP sample online.

Dos in Writing the Admission Essay

  • Choose a narrow topic. You need to give details about small topics than generalities about a broad topic. It is important to focus on writing concrete experience and its impact on you.
  • Be yourself. Always keep in mind that you should not write what the admission committee wants to hear, but it is better to tell them the truth.
  • Always pay attention to your first paragraph because it is where you need to grab the attention of your readers.
  • Make it interesting. Write using the active voice and do it with enthusiasm and energy. You do not need to explain how your experience is related to your desire in attending law school. It is better to tell a story and give a clear picture of yourself.
  • Keep it brief and simple. Big words do not mean big minds. You need to choose your words with clarity and economy in mind. Your personal statement should be the required length since the admission committee reads thousands of papers.
  • Sample statement of purpose for law students. For more ideas, you can try to look for a statement of purpose law school example online.
  • Proofread. Get the help of other people to read your essay because mechanical or grammatical mistakes are inexcusable.


  • Stay away from jargons and concepts because you might misuse them.
  • Do not write your life story in a chronological order or just restate your resume.
  • Do not use your essay in explaining discrepancies in your application. If your scores are low, address the issue in an addendum.

How Many Words in a Statement of Purpose Law School

The statement of purpose law school length should be one or two pages. It is better to check the website of the school program to know the statement of purpose length.

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Requirements for Law School Application Statement of Purpose

In writing the statement of purpose, you need to meet the word limit and answer all the prompts given by the program. Some prompts include your reason for applying to the program, study interests and future career plans. 

There you have the tips in writing the statement of purpose, be it Harvard law or others. Follow these tips for help to get started writing your essay. In writing, always make it simple, brief, clear, personal and original. Do not forget to proofread it before submitting. 

Refer to this post for help in writing the law personal statement. You may also want to check out our law school statement of purpose example today.

Write the statement or use our law school statement of purpose example today!